2021 CFC Awards

Some of the campaign’s most important activities take place after the campaign has ended. This is the time to recognize and say “thank you” to department, agency, or installation leadership, campaign workers, and donors. Recognition and appreciation build morale and a strong foundation for next year’s campaign.


Campaign workers can download their own CFC Champion Award and Certificate of Appreciation certificates to recognize their team and agency’s contribution to the 2021 Combined Federal Campaign at their workplace. 

CFC Champion Certificate
Downloadable certificate can be used to recognize leadership, outstanding support and being the Face of Change during the 2021 Combined Federal Campaign. 

CFC Appreciation Certificate
Downloadable certificate can be used as an appreciation to your colleagues, teams and those in your workplace supporting the CFC.


*All nominations will close January 31st at 5 PM close of business


The Atlas Award (CFC Hero) 
A CFC hero is a person who implemented a successful CFC and went above and beyond the call of duty in service to the campaign. This recognition will be awarded to up to two outstanding campaign representatives. Award recipients will be sent to OPM for National awards.


Agency/Installation of the Year
One Federal Agency or Command will receive this award for achieving outstanding CFC results by utilizing innovative and creative campaign methods, motivating campaign workers, creating awareness for the CFC, and demonstrating leadership support.

The Ben Franklin Award (CFC Innovator)
This award recognizes creativity, innovation, and excellence during the 2021 CFC, including initiating new or improved methods of creating CFC awareness and educating donors, implementing new technologies to promote the CFC, conducting an innovative CFC activity/event, etc.  Winner sent to OPM For national award

The "Show Must Go On" Award (Outstanding Event)
This award recognizes campaigns that put together impressive events that inspired during this crazy, mostly virtual, campaign.



The Beanstalk Award (Exceptional Campaign Growth)
It's a numbers game! Final 2021 campaign results will be compared to 2020 results and agencies/installations that demonstrate exceptional growth will be recognized. We want to celebrate newly engaged or re-engaged agencies! (This is not a nominated award but is based on several growth factors that will be calculated using the final pledge data.)  We will be recognizing three winners: 

  • Large organizations over 1,000 personnel
  • Small organizations fewer than 1,000 personnel